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The history, the brands, the people...

Becker Entertainment is one of Australia's best-known, publicly listed entertainment companies. Founded in 1965 by Russell Becker, one of the pioneers of commercial television in Australia, Becker was Australia's first independent distributor of television programs.

In the 40 years since foundation, Becker Entertainment has grown and diversified to become an internationally recognised leader in quality television and film production, a household name in film distribution and exhibition and an innovative and pioneering force in outside broadcasting, talent management, digital media and branded entertainment.

The jewels in the crown of the Becker Group are most certainly its prestigious brands. Household names like DENDY and MOONLIGHT CINEMAS and internationally respected entertainment brands like DENDY FILMS, BECKER FILMS, BECKER FILMS INTERNATIONAL, BECKER TELEVISION and OSB INTERNATIONAL all work seamlessly together to entertain and delight audiences around the globe whilst ensuring consistent profit growth for Becker investors.

The other core assets at Becker Entertainment are the people behind the brands. The depth of experience and intellectual capital at Becker rivals that of many larger international entertainment and media corporations.

The entrepreneurs who run the Becker businesses all have a proven track record in the entertainment and media industries. Most importantly, they create the culture of innovation so critical to the future success of the company.

Weddings In Australia: Turning Your Dream Wedding Into Reality

One of the most critical moments in every individual’s life is facing the altar of marriage uttering promises of forever with God and the individuals as the prime witness. This is the time wherein they begin their journey as a couple making their very own family. Nonetheless, this event will also have to be unforgettable for generations to come so they can have a great future together. In addition, if you are living in Australia, there are a lot of choices for you to select from.

One of the best things to describe Australia is diversity; cultural diversity both modern and wild. As a great continent; it has plenty of places where you can hold your wedding into. Nevertheless, what should be done first for the wedding to be successful?

Initially, couples are encouraged to get a wedding coordinator when they do not have the luxury of time to plan everything up. These wedding experts have to know what are the choices of the couple. Along with your planner, surf through the internet for further options for your themes, designs etc. Internet is an ideal avenue where wide selection of choices from themes to designs to locations are available particularly in Australia. Many firms providing superb suggestions for your weddings are available in the web. It will be up to you and your wedding planner in picking which provider you ought to do the preparation for you.

Australia is bestowed with scenic spots where one can hold their wedding party. And one best example is Sydney’s Great Opera House. Couple can choose to get their wedding party at this very place if they have a budget enough for these world-renowned opera house. Having your wedding held in this one of Australia’s pride will truly make your wedding a wedding to be remembered for the rest of your life. The mere fact that this venue can accommodate many people, then it is totally a great choice for you.

trisus wedding invitations Australia is a great option for a wedding card invitation service specializing in original and unique designs and affordable print prices

Furthermore, you can also opt to do your wedding the standard way. Actually, you can select from various churches located in Australia. Coupled with a good design, these churches can be the best location for your wedding. Actually, there are lots of choices for you if you want you wedding to be held in Australia. With your partner, browse over the net and make a good choice for your wedding. Always bear in mind, that what God had put together, let no man put a sunder.